What is a domain?

Domain (Domain name) is a unique name for your web site that upon registration nobody else can use it except you. When you make a lease hosting according to your needs, the next step is the registration of domain names. Simply charter a domain that is automatically converted into a unique numeric IP address of the server (host) on which you have set up your site. So calling the name of your domain, for example by typing in the browser, your browser will take you to the server where it is stored in the web design and all the details that accompany domain and web hosting server are written in the DNS (Domain Name Server) database.


If you try to find a domain that you like and want to lease it, you'll likely encounter the status "busy." What does a busy domain? The domain is already registered by someone and that at domain registrar water as busy. Even when the lease expires, it happens that the domain be retained by the individual sellers domain, and you will again get the same message.

Therefore it is very important to be persistent in finding domain because daily involvement of a large number of domains it is unlikely that you will be able to find the best domain for themselves. For example:,,, ... etc. It is clear that these domains are bought on time and you have to look for another domain if you want to do this job.


The domains differ in eksteniziji that characterizes them and which otherwise is their identifying code. In principle, applied and remained so to this day that the three most popular domains that do not depend on the state you are in, are:

.COM (abbreviation of .commercial). The domain can be registered legal entities and individuals.

.NET (skarećnica of .Network). For technical and other sites, for natural and legal persons.

.ORG (abbreviation of .organization). Designed for non-profit organizations, for natural and legal persons.


Swebdizajn offers lease domains within 1 - 5 years. You can choose any type of domain, check its availability and chartered as needed. Extension domain is 1,200 RSD per year, regardless of the type of domain.

Note. not registered .rs domain and .srb. We can only give you a recommendation.

Domain name


If at the time receiving a report that the domain is busy, there is a possibility that this domain is yours. Unless that someone who had registered and used wants to sell it to you. We suggest you choose another domain, another name. Let the domain name is a combination of keywords that will appear on your web site. Domain fact and should be composed of a combination of words that best define your business, company, product.


It is allowed to register a domain name containing the letters (a - z), numbers are allowed (0 - 9) and hyphens. Central hyphen only be used in a domain name and only as long as the separation of words at the beginning and end of the domain medium dash is not allowed. The domain name are not allowed characters such as! @ # $%? ~: _. When you register a domain, you should pay attention to the length of the name. The ideal would be to keep the domain name up to 67 characters. Short does not mean good nor long. So about these figures. Lately there have been some other domain extensions (.biz, .cc, .co, tv, .mobi ... etc.ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization that decides and approves all related domains.