A successful web site follows the reliable, fast and stable web hosting.After you have chosen a nice domain for your site, you need to select and odgiovarajući hosting. The choice of hosting for the site is not an easy step. However, based on our experience, we can recommend the web hosting that fits your site.

Shared Hosting with cPanel

CPanel hosting is extremely convenient for users who want to have everything in one place. Domain management, the installation script (blog, forum, polls ... etc.), Setting up e-mail accounts, domain redirection, PHP MY admin database management ... etc. Also, if you want to switch your site with us on hosting, we take full responsibility to provide you with the transfer. Without the stress and headaches when switching site. If you need a CPanel hosting fill out the form below.



Virtual private server (VPS) allows far more comfort compared to shared hosting. Once you set it up to reset your VPS will meet all the related resource sites. You will have your processor and RAM memory you do not share it with other users on hosting. You get the appropriate hosting space on the hard disk and root access to the operating system. When it comes to the OS, the system chosen, and offer the following: Linux, Debian, CentOS 6.5, CentOS 6, Ubuntu 10, 11, Ubuntu, Fedora 15 ... etc. In addition to the choice of operating system, VPS offers a number of benefits.

  • Branded VPS panel,
  • Setting hosting plan (shared, reseller),
  • Full root access,
  • Management server VPS- mobile phone (reboot, stop ...).,.
  • You can host unlimited domains on the server,
  • Regular backup sites
  • Update service (Apache, PHP / MYSQL) ... etc.

Dedicated hosting / dedicated server

Dedicated hosting is actually a personal (dedicated) server that provides the highest level of management hosting. You practically beginning of a whole computer with the necessary OS, RAM, CPU, HDD ... etc., As appropriate. Manage Dedicated hosting is complex because eventualija and various settings, and if necessary, this service can do for you by our administrators. What offers dedicated hosting?

  • Absolute control over the server,
  • Provided administration server,
  • Possibility of additional options when configuring,
  • I Excellent support Java applications,
  • Privacy dedicated server (Firewall).

Web hosting

What is web hosting?

Hosting a place / space on the server where the web site is stored in order to access the internet non-stop. So, the servers are computers on which the hard disk or a series of hard drives admixed data site. Servers have their own unique IP address.

Hosting Serbia

Requirements sites and define specific hosting needs. Depending on the nature of your web site, hosting must provide the resources for a smooth performance, security and availability Site 00-24. Accordingly, we monitor customer needs and sites when necessary and when cPanel hosting can no longer meet the requirements of (ruptured limit), we suggest VPS hosting or dedicated servers.