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Online consultations.
Redesign and maintaining websites
Redesign sites.
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Making contact form ...
Web hosting
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  • Web design

    Development of ultra modern websites.

  • SEO optimization

    Site optimization for Google.

  • Site maintenance

    Site maintenance.

  • Hosting

    Reliable cPanel VPS hosting.

Web design

S web Design Studio specializes in Web design, web site design solutions. We offer the following services: Website design, Web hosting, Web design, redesign, site maintenance, site translation, SEO optimization.


    Web design Serbia - your website. Her performance. Modern designs and innovative websites, search engine optimized, easy to use - secure significant competitive advantages.


    Through the use of target-group oriented search engine optimization are multiple benefits of SEO for your website Serbia arise.


    We offer a full Web site VPS / cPanel / Plesk hosting, email hosting, most Linux and Windows Web hosting for your site. Our servers are located in Germany.


    HTML 5 provides an incredibly beautiful interactive websites. More and more websites are working in HTML5. Although the new HTML 5 is still in development, the future is guaranteed.


    CSS3 is the modern way of site, in combination with HTML5 is a winning combination. CSS3 brings lovable responsive layout, fast loading, and much more.


    JavaScript allows very modern effects and generally completes the combination HTML5 + CSS3. With JS obtained experience ultra dynamic and intelligent site.

Design, application development for the site, Internet marketing, advertising, SEO, Adwords advertising, Facebook advertising and other marketing activities are part of our everyday life. Keep up with the times!
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