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How to choose affordable hosting in Serbia? More and more often is a question of "how to choose the best web hosting"? Is it a good VPS, shared (sharing) hosting? Hosting is very important for the overall "visibility" site on the Internet and for this reason it is necessary to look for when choosing it. Our hosting company in Serbia do not have just one correct attitude towards customers and relate extremely arrogant when it comes to the extension of cooperation. Why is that? The reasons are many but the most common cause of the increasing offer of free and cheap hosting and free web site creator, which greatly facilitates the path to the first web site. This allows you to be served as web design and hosting plays, and when you master the matter and enter the job and then think realistically aim for reliable and quality solutions.

Domain prices ranging between 3 dollars and 25 dollars, hosting such an important issue is between 18 dollars and 200 dollars, depending on the bidder. If you purchase a domain that host (for example, set the domain hosting x), for a period of 365 days, you are forced to think about the possible extension of the cooperation for the coming year. Hosting services in Serbia are very expensive and not sufficiently effective when it comes to accuracy and provision of support 24h/7/365. also not guaranteed 99% uptime.

Mainly hosting providers do not have fixed phone or hardly occur via email messages only when you need to extend your hosting or domain name, and when your site is unavailable, you can not access your cPanel, then you do not answer the call. This is a general picture of our relationship with clients. Picture of our hosting scene in many ways become worse if we take the number of cheated clients who have lost their sites and domains just because they found "a host" on the internet site and entrusted to him for safekeeping. After a year or less, their site is brought into disgrace - to be or not to be. Unfortunately, a large number of competing sites that present themselves as the authority and offer very affordable hosting packages that can not meet even 50% of presence on the Internet let alone reliability during heavy DDOS attack that prevents the normal operation of the server.


You are advised that the domain and hosting and website development outsource to the right people, because they choose a best web hosting provider in our country is not easy. Hosting entrust those who wish to obtain correct relation successful business cooperation with you and you fail the internet market and achieve your business or personal goal. As far as web design, price list is diverse and ranges from 10 EUR up to 25 thousand euros. Harmonization of labor costs for web designers and hosting providers may take a long time but the school will pay the fact that they several times had to be made the same website and put on some hosting that they ruined all the hard work for many years. All in all, if you have a need for hosting, you first think carefully about what you need: whether you need hosting for a test or for a serious job and income on the internet. If you are just looking for cheap web hosting and still do not know anything about it, you can view our site and comparative choose one of the most affordable packages in Serbia and beyond. Also, a quality list that is constantly being updated with new hosting providers can be found at the website hosting reviews.